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After receiving almost $32,000 in Donations and Sponsorships,

76 individuals have received support for a total funding of $31,200.  

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Because of you, the NEO Music Relief Fund is Working!

Thank You!  Your overwhelming response to support the NEO Music Relief Fund is providing immediate emergency relief of up to $500 to local musicians and venue workers who lost income through the recent cancellations and closures.


Your ongoing support has made significant and immediate impacts as demonstrated by these words of gratitude from a few of our recipients…

“This is amazing! I’m sincerely humbled and honored to be awarded with this grant. Thank you so much for including me and shedding a light on our homegrown musicians. Down to the dirt though, this will be hugely helpful to our family. Thank you so much!” 

- Brent Kirby

“Oh my goodness. I don’t know what to say besides thank you. I am so grateful. Please let me know any way I can help you. All the best in the outstanding work you are doing! Peace, wellness, and gratitude.”

- Ray Flanagan

“Oh my gosh. Thank you so very very much. I can’t tell you what a difference this will make. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.”

- Liz Kelly

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$500 to $999


Scott Fine

Diane Schnall

David Spero

James S.


Michael Belkin

Richard G.

Viktor Shmenko

$250 to $499

Amy Lee
Barry Gabel
Andrew K. Rayburn
Greg Harris
Mark B.
Timothy Connors

$100 to $249

Don S.
Alan Moss
Cleveland International Records LLC
Conor Standish
Kathy M.
Nancy Crum
Rachel H.
Amy and David Pollack
Bruce Jansen
Andrea Whitaker






Bert Stratton

Brian P. McCafferty


Dan D.

Dennis D.

Fanon Hill

Harley Cohen

Holly G.

Jamie D.

Jason Chonko

Jason G.

JD Hades

Jonathan K.

Kathleen Hanna

Kristin and Matt C

Lawrence Kupps

Lisa Vinciquerra

Marcus Whiteamire

Christian Kaul

Mark C.
Mary Yanoshik
Meredith P.
Michael M.
Mike D.
Rachel H.
Radio Hannibal
Steve L.
Tim C.
Victoria Waltman
Vince Slusarz
Jim Schade
Afi Odelia E Scruggs

Up to $99

Carl L.
Kristin P.
Seth Briskin
Brian B.
Cari C.
Courtney A.
Dale Elwell
Daniel Svoboda
David K.
Debra Shankland
Dot M.
Gary F.
George Hanrahan
Greg W.
Helen Welch
In memory of Rick Gleason


Jack Boessneck
James Stacey
Jeff Soldo
Joe B.
John Farina & Adam Tully
Jordan Abbott @ Lee McKinstry
Kathleen Szymczuk
Kathy S Blackman
Margaret S.
Matthew Rauch
Matthew S.
Michael Orlandi
Mike Baker
Richard K.
Ryan F.
David Greenwood
George S.
Karen M.
Kate S.
Jordan Jasnoch
Teresa Schleicher


Vilija N Klimas

Justin Markert

Kevin T. Richards


Deandra S.

Diane F.

Jami Chambers

Jason Weiner

Jay Vee Weiss

Jude Troha

Mary Blatnik

Matt Shiffler

Ralph M.

Mary Lea K.

Andrea H.



Beverly Smith

Brian B.

Christopher H.

David Daniels

Mary Lea Kirby

Daniel Lippel
Hollin Kings
Joe S.
Josephine B.
Joshua Schmalz
Lisa and Dave Sierk
Mary Jane H, in honor of Gabe
Matt Shiffler
Pokey K.
Pokey Karol
Susan Cordle
Tim + Jen Burke
Harrison M.
Amanda P.
Lee C.
Margaret Shriver
Mary Yanoshik
Steely Dan Morris
Jude Troha
Marjorie Clark

Apply Now – We want to help!

The music community is actively raising money for the NEO Music Relief Fund to help local musicians and music venue workers who suddenly lost their livelihood because of the COVID-19 shutdown. We know what we need to do to stay home and stay healthy, but we’re committed to keeping our music community strong, too.

We know professional musicians and venue workers have few other options when the entertainment industry closes its doors – little or no access to unemployment, few other sources of income, and the prospect of this lasting for months to come. We are working to establish this fund to help the hardest hit in our community survive the current COVID-19 crisis period, and we’re committed to keeping the fund going, so we’re ready for future challenges.

Information collected in this application will be used to communicate with you, to follow-up, and it may also be anonymously used (meaning your name will not be used without permission) to help us communicate the extent of the need. We will be making the case to funders and donors to help gather more support, and we appreciate all the ways in which you sharing your information helps us do that.

We expect to receive a significant number of applications, so we appreciate your patience as we process them. It may take a couple of weeks for the committee to review applications, but we will respond to you as quickly as possible. We know you’re struggling, and we want to help.